Peripera Ink Velvet.030 Classic Nt.K Nude
Peripera Ink Velvet.030 Classic Nt.K Nude
  • SKU: CPP130COS00105

Peripera Ink Velvet.030 Classic Nt.K Nude

ر.ق 36.00 ر.ق 46.00

[STAY ALL DAY - BOLD AND LONG LASTING COLORS] Stay a bold lip with our Ink the Velvet Tint! Our tints use a breakthrough formula with high intensity color pigments that naturally stain your lips. The color goes on smooth and will last throughout the day.
[VELVETY SMOOTH FORMULA] We use an adhesive formula with a double layer elastomer that fills in the fine curves of your lips so you can get that emollient and silky finish.
[WEIGHTLESS AND FRESH FINISH] A lightweight layer of color on your lips helps you get through the day without having your lips feel sticky or clumpy. Comfort is key!
[APPLICATOR TIP] Designed with a precision applicator to shape and line your lips for a precise and perfectly applied lip.
[FUN AND FLIRTY COLORS] A collection of colors that fits every complexion. Find your signature color from our wide selection of gorgeous shades!


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