Brushworks Shower Haircare Set
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Brushworks Shower Haircare Set

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Indulge into haircare excellence and promote healthy, tangle free hair with minimal damage. Use the detangling brush to glide through the hair with ease, eliminating any knots or tangles gently to reduce breakage. The silicone massaging shampoo brush can then be used on wet or dry hair to remove any build up and deeply cleanse the scalp ready for the ultimate hair wash. The shampoo brush also promotes blood flow to the scalp, resulting in hair growth. Finish off the routine by drying your hair using the ultra-soft towel, that can be twisted and secured on to your head, keeping it out of the way when completing your skincare or makeup routine. Its super soft material absorbs water efficiently, allowing for a faster drying process. Upgrade your shower routine with the tools you need to promote an overall healthier condition of your hair.

  • Ultra-soft hair towel wrap
  • Detangle brush for effortlessly brushing out tangles
  • Massaging shampoo brush promotes hair growth  
  • Shower hair care essentials
  • Kind to the hair
  • Reduce breakage

PETA Approved - Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly

This set includes: 1 Detangling Hairbrush, 1 Massaging Shampoo Brush and 1 Hair Towel Wrap



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