Flormar Rotating Volume Mascara
  • SKU: FLR130COS00535

Flormar Rotating Volume Mascara

ر.ق 72.00

High Performance Rotating Volume Mascara is a perfect battery-operated mascara. With its ability to rotate both upward and downward, this mascara will make your eyelashes look more volumized and longer, and give them a perfectly defined look. It helps your eyelashes look dewy, nourished and healthy thanks to the olive oil in its formula. It doesn't leave a heavy feeling on your eyelashes, and lasts all day long.After pulling the band on the lid, push the button to allow the brush rotate clockwise. Apply the mascara on the upper eyelashes and push the button again to turn it off. When you push the button again, it will start rotating anti-clockwise. Now you can apply it on your lower eyelashes. Then, just push the button once again to turn off the mascara.


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