Flormar Moisturizing Day Cream
  • SKU: FLR130COS01867

Flormar Moisturizing Day Cream

QAR 65.00

If you have combination and oily skin, you can stop searching for a daily moisturizer and use Flormar MOISTURIZING DAY CREAM COMBINATION AND OILY SKIN. The cream, which fulfills oily and combination skin's need for freshness with the citrus extract in its formula, is produced to allow you to enjoy the feeling soft and moisturized skin day long. Nourishing and softening your skin with moisture, the cream may be applied to the dry or slightly damp skin after it is cleansed with face cleansing gel or foam. When applying the cream to your skin using your fingertips, you can gently massage it to facilitate the absorption. The moisturizer you can apply after cleansing is absorbed by the skin within minutes and does not leave an oily feeling. With its lightweight texture that does not cause heaviness on the skin, the cream offers a refreshing and relaxing sensation thanks to its citrus fragrance. You can apply the product, which can be used daily, before makeup and then easily put on makeup once the cream has been absorbed by the skin.


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