Flormar Creamy Coconut Daily Essentials
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Flormar Creamy Coconut Daily Essentials

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Flormar Hand Cream Creamy Coconut 75 ml - 
Smooth hands are no longer just a dream! The coconut extract in Creamy Coconut Hand Cream promotes the repair of irritated skin. It also effectively allows you to achieve smooth hands. This hand cream, which not only nourishes but also protects and moisturizes the hands thanks to the Vitamin E it contains, will become an indispensable part of your moisturizing routine with its enchanting coconut scent.
Flormar Shower Gel Creamy Coconut 350 ml - 
A skin-protecting formula. Leave it to Creamy Coconut Shower Gel to take care of your body! The coconut extract in its formula will moisturize the skin and protect it from drying out. Thanks to its moisturizing effects, it prevents damage resulting from dry skin structure. Its special formula contains Vitamin E, glycerin and Hydroviton Plus, which nourish and protect the skin.
Flormar Body Mist Creamy Coconut 200 ml - 
Are you ready to enjoy the charming scent of coconut all day long? Infused with coconut extract, Vitamin E, Hydroviton Plus and glycerin, Creamy Coconut Body Mist moisturizes the skin. You may apply Flormar body mist after showers or throughout the day.
Flormar Lip Balm Redesign Coconut 3g - 
If you would like to care for your lips and add a splash of color at the same time, then Flormar Lip Balm is just right for you! Keeping your lips hydrated thanks to the shea butter in its formula, Flormar lip balm also protects your lips from the harmful effects of the UV rays with SPF 15 and is now available in 5 different color and flavor options.


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