Ecotools Elements Collection - Wind-Kissed Finish Kit
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Ecotools Elements Collection - Wind-Kissed Finish Kit

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EcoTools Elements Limited Edition Wind-Kissed Finishing Makeup Brush Kit will blow onlookers away by achieving a sculpted glow with a natural flush. The makeup brush set includes a sculpting brush, highlighter brush, fan brush, and face powder brush for a complete makeup brush set to create wind-kissed professional results. Use this makeup brush set with cream or powder blushes, bronzers, highlight powders, and setting powders. This face brush makeup set is made vegan, 100% cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. Illuminate your cheeks, contour your face, and dust powder for a full finish coverage look. Is it all-natural or can you thank your new finishing kit? Part of EcoTools Elements collection of high-quality beauty and skincare accessories that are sustainable and highlight the beauty of nature through stunning designs for more beauty with less waste. Whether you use them for the eyes, blush, foundation or to travel with, EcoTools makeup brushes flawlessly help apply products to your face regardless of skin tone and type. Made from recycled and sustainable materials to make you feel as good as you look with a classic flawless application to match.

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